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Rules of the Mountbellew Show 2023

  1. All livestock exhibited must be bona fide property of the exhibitor at least three months prior to the show. (Entire animals intended for breeding purposes expected), and in the cases of Farm & Garden Produce, Woolens & Fancy work, the bona fide produce of the exhibitor’s Farm, garden or home at the time of entry. There must be no substitution for the animal or article in any class.
  2. The Judge’s decision as to the merit shall be final and objections on other points to be lodged with the secretary (in writing) by 4pm on the day of show, with a fee of €25.  All objections upheld, but retained if the objections are considered frivolous.
  3. The Judges are empowered to award prizes in the classes for livestock in which there is not sufficient competition, if the animal receives 75 marks or over.  In all the classes no 1st prize shall be awarded unless there are two exhibits, the property of different owners.  The Judges may withhold any or all prizes in any class in which they consider that sufficient merit has not been shown.
  4. In the classes for farm produce, home produce, garden, woolens & fancy goods no competitor will be allowed to enter more than THREE exhibits in any one class.
  5. The entry form must be signed by the exhibitor and must be accompanied by the correct entry fee; otherwise such entries need not be accepted or entered in the Show.
  6. The show yard will open at 8:30 am. Judging in Horse Section starts at 10 am sharp. Judging in the Cattle Section starts at 11 am sharp.  Judging in Sheep Section starts at 12 noon,  Judging in the  Dog Section starts at 12.30 pm and all other exhibits must be in before 11:30am and CANNOT BE REMOVED BEFORE 4pm. The Show Society will not be responsible for any exhibits that are not removed by 5.00 pm
  7. In Home Produce Section the competitor receiving the largest amount of money value will be considered the most successful unless otherwise stated, when competitors are awarded prizes to the same value the greatest number of prizes will be then considered most successful.
  8. The committee will not be responsible for the loss or accidents, etc. of any kind which may occur to Exhibitor, Exhibits, Visitors or otherwise.
  9. All entries are subject to the above rules and any exhibitor who violates or ignores them shall forfeit all prizes he or she may be entitled to at the show and will not be refunded Entrance Fees.  The Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry.
  10. These rules are read in conjunction with the rules of the Irish Shows Association.